MVP definition, design system, prototyping and supporting development.

The Challenge

  • Existing product sold and managed entirely manually leading to inconsistent prices.
  • Fragmented customer experience.
  • Part of the service was dependant on a third party application
  • Complex product structure in nature.


  • Discovery and internal contextual enquiry
  • Identified lifecycle and service process
  • Facilitated workshop to define MVP using UX artefacts
  • Mid-fidelity wireframes to define the UX in collaboration with service engineers.
  • Hi-Fidelity wireframes delivery to support implementation 



Simplification of online platform achieving actual use by customers. 

Standardisation of price model and automation of ordering process

Release of product team resource


If the MVP is really small makes it much easier for the project to get traction. Creating the smallest MVP possible allowed the product team to get buy-in for the development of the solution.