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Network Security Service test, design and launch.

    Integral revamp of online management service and automation of support capabilities.

    The Challenge

    • Existing product portal was not used by any of the customers
    • Support service overwhelmed by requests coming from customers
    • Experience provided was inconsistent  and communications with customers were fragmented


    • Customers Interviews involving contextual enquiry and user testing
    • Customer Satisfaction survey
    • Discovery and strategy workshops carried out with key stakeholders.
    • Redesign of UX experience and online platform for customers.

    Strategy workshop

    Created and discussed Opportunity Map to identify key areas with senior stakeholders and SMEs

    Design process

    Led the design and creation Mid and High fidelity wireframes.


    • Reduction on resource consumption by decommission old reporting portal.
    • Drive strategic goal by integrating existing online capabilities into central platform
    • Increase visibility and exposure of security product to new customer segments and vice versa.


    • Focus UX effort on reducing the scope of the MVP to the maximum allowed the kick-start of the development