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Financial Services Customer Portal iterative design, test and launch

    Unification of UX under design system after qualitative research and test with users.

    The Challenge

    • Fragmented Login and Management of Products experience 
    • Inconsistent UX and Look & Feel 
    • Business inefficiencies – Duplication of work 
    • Differences across markets: direct vs intermediated.


    • Discovery combining quantitative data and user interviews insight
    • Identify user and mapped journeys to identify key moments of focus
    • Prototyping from sketch to hi-fidelity mockups.
    • Supported user testing and iteration. 
    • Created foundational documentation for design system.

    Identification & Ideation

    One of the outcomes from the user research was the identification of a joint journey between customers and their agents, as well as critical pain points we selected to focus on.

    The ideation process included the exploration of different approaches to the design, such as the use of a modular design based on cards.

    Prototyping & testing

    Mid-Fidelity clickable prototypes.

    Hi-Fidelity clickable prototypes use for usability testing in lab

    Discovery and first approach to design system and deconstruction of components.

    Top right: Sample from discovery work on design system structure. and approach.

    Right: Grid system developed with team.

    Top Left: Component example – More Information accordion


    • Provided a unified experience 
    • Aligned with business strategic goal of reducing complexity of  the financial product offering and management. 
    • Supported foundational framework for visual language and design system. 
    • Facilitated Single Sign On and Single View of Customer. 


    When assessing the feasibility of creating templates and the creation of a modular design system, we realised the actual complexity of this endeavour, which required not only a dedicated team, but also the collaboration of developers, designers and product to created a platform that provided both design and brand guidelines and the foundational code to build it.