Unification of UX under design system after qualitative research and test with users.

The Challenge

  • Fragmented Login and Management of Products experience 
  • Inconsistent UX and Look & Feel 
  • Business inefficiencies – Duplication of work 
  • Differences across markets: direct vs intermediated.


  • Discovery combining quantitative data and user interviews insight
  • Identify user and mapped journeys to identify key moments of focus
  • Prototyping from sketch to hi-fidelity mockups.
  • Supported user testing and iteration. 
  • Created foundational documentation for design system.

Identification & Ideation


  • Provided a unified experience 
  • Aligned with business strategic goal of reducing complexity of  the financial product offering and management. 
  • Supported foundational framework for visual language and design system. 
  • Facilitated Single Sign On and Single View of Customer. 


When assessing the feasibility of creating templates and the creation of a modular design system, we realised the actual complexity of this endeavour, which required not only a dedicated team, but also the collaboration of developers, designers and product to created a platform that provided both design and brand guidelines and the foundational code to build it.